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Have you always wanted to try scuba diving? Are you seeking for new adventure on your holiday in Sri Lanka? With Divinguru you’ll see a world from different perspective.

Scuba diving is an exciting activity that gives a person new opportunities of understanding the world around. Under water you have an access to the beauties you’ve never seen before.

Everyone can enjoy the most spectacular marine life with the feeling of weightlessness. Divinguru offers PADI courses for beginners, advanced divers up to professional levels.

diving in shallow water for everyone with Divinguru in Sri Lanka
Beginner Scuba Diving
Qualified Divers
The best is to begin your diving experience through our beginner programs. As a complete diving novice you can start with Try Diving and Discover Scuba Diving. It takes only one session consists of theory and one beginner dive. You discover what it's like to breathe under the water. For further qualifications visit our PADI Courses. Now you know how fascinating the underwater world is so you can dive into the next scuba adventure! As the next step, get your first scuba diving certification the PADI Open Water Diver Course.
As a certified diver you have the opportunity to experience the best diving (reef, rock, wreck) in Sri Lanka. Whether you are PADI, SSI, CMAS, etc., we dive together and follow the PADI Safe Diving Standards, Practices & Procedures. A typical diving day usually consists of maximum two dive trips every morning and every afternoon, each with max. two dives (Two Tank Boat Dives) and a surface interval between these two dives on our dive boat. Drinking water and biscuits are provided on the boat.




No prior experience needed! Have fun and discover the blue world with Divinguru!




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What is the Best place to Dive in Sri Lanka? What kind of dives I should expect depending on the season? Where to spot sharks and where wrecks in Sri Lanka? Find our what awaits you after the first descend in the Indian Ocean!

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